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Its Gone! All Gone!

Don't become a victim of dataloss. Talk to Mid Minnesota Marketing about protecting your data.That sickening feeling when you first realize . . .

There is nothing worse than that tightening feeling of doom in your stomach when you first realize something with a significantly negative impact has just happened to you.

An otherwise bright Monday morning went south in a hurry for a client of mine as they discovered the hard drive on their main computer died over the weekend. The computer contained everything; their accounting software, email and business related documents. Can you imagine the horror of a moment like that?

Fortunately they had backed up their accounting software onto a flash drive before leaving the office on Friday and they lost nothing with that. However, they did loose all email records, contacts and business forms stored on the computer. Much of their data is gone forever, but they will recover. They will spend a painful amount of time rebuilding what they can and move on without the rest.

How can you avoid a situation like this from happening to your company?

There are a couple of things that can be done to prevent this type of event from crippling your business. Not very expensive, but very effective.

Email Vulnerability Solved

The company in this example opted to use a lower cost email package. With this package their email is managed via their computer using Outlook or other email programs. While this approach works fine, there are a couple of drawbacks.

  • Email messages are moved from the server to the computer that is managing the email. You need to have a local backup system in place to protect against data loss. (They didn't)
  • You are unable to access your email history and folders remotely. You must be on the computer used to manage your email in order to see everything.

The solution I suggested is to upgrade to our higher cost, more robust email package. This upgrade offers them a few more benefits along with the additional security.

  • Their email is maintained on our server and backed up regularly to protect against data loss.
  • They are able to access all of their email from any internet capable device. (No longer tied to a single computer.)
  • They get additional features such as Contacts, Calendar, Task Management and a Briefcase which can be shared with other members of their organization.

Data Storage Vulnerability Solved

To protect the rest of their data on the computer I suggested that they use an online backup service. There are plenty of them available and most are quite affordable. Even with the additional cost of the service, it is far less costly than suffering data loss.

I won't endorse any one service over another, but rather I suggest that you have your IT person do some research and find a service that offers a plan well suited to your needs.

Some things to consider:

  • Age and reputation of the provider.
  • Number of computers/devices you are allowed to backup and if there are extra charges for multiple devices.
  • How they protect your data against loss.
  • Cost.
  • Is the amount of space offered in each package compatible with your needs.

It can happen to anyone.

I understand the need for businesses to watch the budget, opting to use lower cost resources quite often is a sound decision. However, when talking about things as critical as data recovery, spending a little extra may offer you the most cost savings over the long term.

The company in my example is a very successful company that is well run and has been around for many years. It happened to them and can happen to you.

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