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Your Website Must Be Done Right

The Debate Is Over

As the internet grew in popularity and became accessible for a greater number of people, business owners began to debate over the necessity of having a website. Well that debate has ended and is far behind us. Of course your business needs a website. Today's consumers shop, research and make decisions based upon what they find online. You need good representation on the web in order to compete.

The New Debate

Now the question before business owners is how to best present themselves on the web. There are plenty of opportunities, but which should they pursue?

  • Professionally designed website with professionally written content and a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) foundation.
  • Do it yourself "easy to build" options provided by mega hosting companies.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites.
  • Blog website.
  • Online advertising.

The right Stuff

First of all let's tackle the inner debate on whether or not you need to have your website professionally developed. The key to a successful website is twofold, your potential customers need to be able to find your website and then they must find the information they need in order to make a buying decision.

    It isn't magic and it doesn't happen by accident. Creating a website that the search engines can accurately index is a science. The search engines crawl websites collecting data and run it through proprietary algorithms designed to determine what your website is about and how it relates to specific key words and phrases.

    If your website ranks well for a search term or phrase, your site will appear on the search engine results page. Where it appears within the results depends upon how relevant the search engine believes your website is to the search phrase.

    Today's search engines rely on more than 200 unique signals when determining your website's value in relationship to specific keywords and phrases. Some of these signals are:

    • The written content.
    • Images & information related to the images.
    • How well written is the coding for the website, is it compliant to current standards?
    • Key words within the content. Are they used appropriately, too little, too often?
    • Is there a connection to social media?
    • How frequently is content added to the site?
    • Is there a call to action?


    The buying decision can be a variety of actions.

    • If you have an online store you want them to add products to the shopping cart and complete the checkout process.
    • If you sell your products from a storefront, you want them to come into the store.
    • If you sell services, you want them to contact you to set up an appointment to either have the work done, or investigate further and get a quote.

A professional web development company, such as Mid Minnesota Marketing, will be able to develop your website in a way that will rank well and help viewers make the buying decision. The process is complex and requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and experience.

Do-it-yourself websites very often fall short and produce little or no results.


It is important to realize that all of your online business activities need to tie together. At the very least you should have a professional website and active social media pages related to your business. Part of the professional website should be a news and events area (blog). This is an excellent way to add fresh content to your website on a regular basis.

Other opportunities provided on the web include online advertising. This may or may not be a good fit for your business. Common forms of online advertising include:

  • Ads sold on search engine result pages, they are usually displayed above or to the right side of the organic search results.
  • Ad placement on other company's websites.
  • Guest blogging.
  • Listings and online reviews within directories.

Mid Minnesota Marketing has over 12 years of experience developing websites for businesses just like yours. Your content is professionally written and the website is constructed to help search engines properly index your site as well as provide visitors with easy and fast access to the information they need.

Call Mid Minnesota Marketing to develop your company website. 320-582-2288




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Check Your Website For A Pulse

Check Your Website For A Pulse!Top Ten Reasons Your Website Needs Attention

Just as there are dog years, there are web years. It has been said that a web year is equal to three months. That means if you last redesigned your website three years ago, it is 12 years old in web years! Would you leave a product display set up for 12 years? Then why would you let your website age as much?

Here are the top 10 reasons your website needs to be redesigned.

  1. Your website isn't performing.  A website exists to build your customer base. If that goal isn't being reached your website is wasted space. There are many reasons your website may not perform.
    • Poor design, not just appearance but marketing design.
    • Lack of effective call to action.
    • Your site does not speak to your customers.
  2. Outdated technology. It wasn't that long ago that downloading a photograph gave you enough free time to fix a cup of coffee and eat a donut. The web changes constantly and it is quite easy to fall behind.
  3. Is your website mobile friendly? This technology issue I will list separately, it is that important. Your site must be friendly to all the mobile devices your customers are using to access the web.
  4. New products and services. If you are introducing new products you will want to at least update your website to highlight the new additions. 
  5. Your marketing strategy has changed.  Most companies adjust their marketing strategy fairly regularly to keep up with changes in the market. Has your website kept pace with those changes?
  6. Your website is broken. Websites with broken links, outdated content and other issues are highly annoying to your visitors. Any kind of distraction is a reason for them to leave your site and look for the next.
  7. Your competitors have updated their website. Sounds kind of petty, but in the world of business you can't afford to look like you have fallen behind.
  8. Your website loads slowly. A slow loading website can kill visitor engagement. The rapid advancements in web technology have played a major roll in making people impatient. They want information and they want it now.
  9. New Branding. I cannot tell you how many times I see websites using old logos and tag lines. As your branding message changes you need to make sure your website changes along with it.
  10. Your website looks horrible. Your website is the storefront of the web and first impressions count.

Are you ready to take a closer look at your website?

We can help you examine your website with our free website analysis. Call Mid Minnesota Marketing to request your free website analysis. We will examine your current website and provide you with a free analysis of what is good vs. bad.

Set up your appointment today 320-582-2288.

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Don't Look Behind The Curtain, It May Frighten You!

Secure and reliable web site hosting services offered by Mid Minnesota Marketing | Hutchinson, MN 55350Your web site is a vital part of your business and deserves to be treated that way.

Many people have confessed to me that they have absolutely no understanding of what is involved in hosting a web site on a server. Typically they don't want to understand, as long as we are there to handle things for them. We take great pride in the trust our clients have in us, and push ourselves to continue earning it every single day.

Safe & Reliable Hosting Services

Although Mid Minnesota Marketing provides you with safe and reliable hosting services, it is important for you to have a rudimentary understanding of what is involved. What is the magic that happens behind the scenes?

Let's start with a quick explanation of what a server is.

Basically a server is a specialized computer that is accessible through the internet. The job of the server is to hold the files for websites in memory, and send them to other computers that request the data. (for example, yours)

Most servers are located in a environmentally controlled room with many other servers, people sometimes refer to these facilities as a server farm. It is important to maintain an optimal environment as far as temperature and humidity is concerned to prolong the life of the server and help prevent equipment failure.

We avoid keeping your eggs all in one basket.

Mid Minnesota Marketing regularly backs up data from the server to a remote location. This protects your data from a localized catastrophe that may damage or destroy the main server. In addition to the backups, your web site files are stored in a manner that provides redundancy spreading multiple copies of files across multiple boxes. If one box fails for any reason, a second kicks in to carry the load.

We actively monitor our servers for performance and are immediately notified of any issues that may develop allowing us to respond quickly to any issues that develop. Hardware is updated as needed allowing us to provide the latest technology possible.

Technicians on site.

Our servers are staffed by technicians on-site allowing us physical access very quickly if necessary. Most of the functions of the server are software driven and are controlled remotely by our technicians.


We regularly install updated software to block malicious attempts made by others to gain access to our servers and your website. Firewall software scans your files and reports any "red flags" allowing us to immediately deal with any possible intrusions. Protecting our resources from hackers is continuous task that is quite daunting, but that doesn't stop us from protecting them. Much of our overhead costs are related to security. We are committed to providing the best possible security for all of our clients.

Smaller Company - Great Advantage

Mid Minnesota Marketing only hosts websites that we develop. Our servers are not crowded and the fact that we built each site hosted on our servers helps us to maintain a secure, reliable hosting environment. Our attention is focused on your web site. We are directly accountable to you.

When you are looking for a web development and hosting provider, we hope you will recognize the advantage Mid Minnesota Marketing offers you. Please call us at (320) 582-2288 to schedule a consultation.


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