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Domain Name & Security Certificates

What's in a Domain Name?

To have a website you must have a Domain Name. The domain name is the URL or address your website is located at. You would not expect people to find your business without a street address, simply knowing your store is located downtown doesn't tell them where downtown. Knowing you have a website does not tell them where the website is located, for that you need a domain name.

Ideally you want your domain name to be the name of your business, sometimes that isn't possible and you will need to get creative. Consider these tips when deciding on your domain name.

  • Keep it short
  • Make it memorable
  • Tie it into your business
  • Avoid special characters

You have the option of many different extensions, ".com" is traditionally the domain name extension of choice for businesses. There are many others available to purchase, .net, info, .org, .mn just to name a few. If your domain name choice is not available in .com you may be able to purchase it using another extension.

Be warned, the .com extension has become the default extension typed by most users simply out of habit. If your domain name of choice is and you can not acquire it, using may cause you to lose business if a competitor has established a website at This is an important consideration when selecting your domain name.

If you are in a highly competitive business, you may want to consider purchasing multiple versions and extensions of your domain name to protect your brand.

How do I register a domain name?

Mid Minnesota Marketing  can help you with that. We will

  • Help you select a domain name
  • Check for its availability
  • Register the domain name
  • Take care of all the technical details
  • Manage the domain, reminding you when it needs to be renewed

You always own your domain name, we simply manage it for you.

Prices vary depending upon the domain name extension and length of time you register the domain for. We suggest registering the domain for at least two years, search engine's seem to recognize that new domains registered for a year at a time are likely being used by spammers. We will help you remember when it is time to renew your registration, the last thing you want to do is establish a domain name and loose it because you forgot to renew.

Security Certificate Purchasing & Renewal

What is so important about a Security Certificate?

Websites that request personal information from users should always have a website security certificate. This certificate shows that a user's information will be stored and handled safely and will not be used for unapproved purposes.

A website security certificate is a form of identification that verify the website is legitimate and can encrypt files and has a form of authentication. They must come from certification authorities, the organizations responsible for issuing and revoking certificates.

Websites that have a security certificate and are encrypted have a URL that starts with "https://" instead of "http://". Some browsers will identify encrypted websites with a closed padlock or similar symbol.

Do I need a Security Certificate for my website?

There are several things to consider when determining if your website needs a security certificate.

  • Are you requesting a user's social security number?
  • Are you requesting a user's driver's license number?
  • Are you requesting a user's credit card information?

Basically anytime you are requesting information that someone does not want shared with just anyone you will need a security certificate.

How do I get a security certificate for my website?

Mid Minnesota Marketing can help you acquire your certificate. We will

  • Register your certificate for you
  • Take care of all the technical issues installing it on the server
  • Manage your certificate making sure you know when it needs to be renewed


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