Use out Easy Pay Plan to make your web development project affordable now.

Easy pay Plan

We have put together an Easy Pay Plan to help make your web development project easier to manage financially.*

Standard Invoicing Option

With our standard option, website development fees are billed 50% down and the balance is paid upon completion of the web development project. Billing options for recurring fees are flexible. You may choose to be billed monthly, quarterly or annually for website hosting fees, e-mail fees and updates*.

Other miscellaneous fees may be billed as they occur or monthly.

* If you are paying for your hosting fees on an annual basis, updates are invoiced monthly.

Our Easy Pay Option

The Easy Pay Plan is set up to help make the expense of your web design project more affordable by stretching the payment out over time, interest free. Our commitment to you, provide you with your website now . . . Your commitment to us, pay for your website over time.

This program requires:

  • Minimum of one Enterprise Class e-mail account.
  • Monthly billing cycle.
  • First two months paid up-front.
  • A commitment to a specifide period of time. (Minimum of 12 months)
  • Invoices are generated on the first of the month with payment being required by the 15th. Late fees will apply to all payments received after the 15th.

Here is a generic example of how the program works:

Example web design project:

  • Development fee: $1,200
  • Monthly hosting fee of $45
  • Two hours SEO service monthly ($150 per month)
  • 1 Filtered e-mail accounts ($9.95 per month)

The monthly fee for a contracted period of 1 year is $304.95 per month.

Easy Pay Plan Contract Period

We do our best to make your monthly payment as affordable as possible, the standard contract period for our Easy Pay Plan is 12 months. For large projects we may offer Easy Pay Plans for longer contract periods, at our discretion. 

If you discontinue our services before the end of the contract period, you are responsible to pay the balance immediately.

If you have any question about Mid Minnesota Marketing's  Easy Pay Plan, give us a call at 320-582-2288.

*Certain products or services that involve third party vendors/Contractors may be excluded from the Easy Pay Plan.

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